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If you could steal credit for any great piece of art, song, film, book etc which one would you claim? A six-year-old child asks you if Santa Claus is real…. Which animal would make the best type of president if the animal kingdom ever rises up and takes over? When it comes to making tea which answer most applies to you? They’re also a great way to remove and tension and spark some discussion that isn’t solely focussed on the job.

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Is there anything you need to know in order to do the job?

Is there any special training or any classes you’re going to be required to take if you’re hired? Yes, you should already have a good base of knowledge…you got that information during your fact finding and research phase of the job hunt…but there are things you can’t get from research that can only come from someone on the inside…and the hiring manager is a great resource!

We’ve created a free cheat sheet that gives you Right questions? You want to make sure the questions you’re asking are targeted and fall into specific categories.

Like favorite animals and if they were stranded on an island, who would they want to be stranded with? Serious job related questions…questions that can ultimately make or break your desire to accept the job should it be offered.

As we said earlier, there are specific categories you want to stick to when thinking about questions to ask an interviewer. Sure, you know what the job posting said, but is there anything about the position you’re trying to get that wasn’t in the posting? How long will you be doing that job and will the job evolve as you continue to work there?

Speaking of doing a job, are you fully prepared to start if you are hired?Not having questions makes you appear lazy, unmotivated, and unprepared…exactly the opposite of someone they want to hire. The key to being a good question “asker” is to make sure you’re asking the right questions.But don’t worry, because we have the right questions for you.Have you ever been on a horrible date where the person you are out with spent the whole time talking about themselves without ever asking you a single question? You can learn a lot about an open position through the basic application process, but to really get the down and dirty about what will be expected of you, you need to make sure you prepare good questions to ask the interviewer as well. I mean, are hiring managers okay with me asking for more details? Asking the hiring manager questions is like bringing flowers and chocolates with you. Why is not asking questions at the end of the interview a missed opportunity and why are hiring managers disappointed when interviewees don’t ask questions? Dating is a two way street and the goal is to learn as much as you can about your potential partner through a give and take approach to dialogue. Maybe the next one will have some questions for you.Imagine this…you’re a hiring manager and you’ve just had a potential candidate interview with you. (What’s “” Check out our blog article Job Interview Questions and Answers 101 to learn more) Remember, the ultimate goal is always to be the PERFECT CANDIDATE and that means doing a little extra work before you even get to the interview.

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