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Actually, the mathematical model they used did a job of predicting attraction than simply taking the average attraction between two students in the experiment.

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While many are divorced or widowed, the number of U. adults who've never married is also at an historic high, the Pew Research Center reports. Either way, they’re not saddled with the expenses that come with raising young children.

That means they have much more disposable income, plus the time and freedom to spend it the way they please.

Here are a few opportunities singles present: Home. Offering tours for singles, helping match singles with travel partners or selling singles packages such as girls’ getaways and boys’ bonding trips are potential profit zones. More food manufacturers and retailers are offering single-serving or smaller-sized products.

says singles (especially younger ones) are more likely to rent than own homes. Restaurants are moving singles away from the dark corner table and toward communal tables or bar areas where they can chat with other guests. JWT says singles are lavishing their love, time and money on pets instead of kids.

Then they set the students loose in a speed-dating session to see if they could predict who would like who.

As it turns out, the researchers could predict nothing.

But it couldn't predict how much one specific person liked another specific person — which was kind of the whole point.

In 2012, Finkel co-authored a lengthy review, published in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest, of several dating sites and apps, and outlined several limitations to online dating.

Which is why Finkel thinks Tinder, Bumble, and similar apps that allow you to find potential dates quickly but don't purport to use any scientific algorithm, are the best option for singles today.

Here's Finkel: "These companies don't claim that they're going to give you your soulmate, and they don't claim that you can tell who's compatible with you from a profile.

Their current conclusion is that the matching algorithms so many companies claim to use to find your soul mate don't work.

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