Darkwave gothic and dating

Ele tem um misto de HIM com algumas pegadas mais metal e um som que certamente vai agradar aos fãs dos finlandeses.

O grupo tambem já fez um remix da música Calling para o grupo L'ame immortelle.

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Gothic rock band "Bauhaus" The Godfathers of Goth don't necessarily always come across as their title suggests with funky songs like Kick In The Eye and dub numbers like She's In Parties, but this has kept them popular in all sorts of clubs.

Gothic rock band "The Sisters of Mercy" From their start with their drum machine Doktor Avalanche straight through to their hard rock anthems of Vision Thing era, they have proven to be a rock band that can adapt and survive.

Andrew Eldritch vocals remain some of the best vocals Gothic rock has seen.

Darkwave/Avant-garde/Electronica band "Deine Lakaien" Ambient sound scapes surround a lot of their music to great effect, but don't be fooled.

Rogue is a beautiful singer but he may sound whiney to first-time listeners. Post-punk/Deathrock band Virgin Prunes Straight out of the batcave came Virgin Prunes, an overlooked Post-punk outfit who made a few post-punk hits.

Beside their post-punk style lies a love for the dark and experimental sounds, their Avant-garde music, a strange and often disturbing listen!Though their style nowadays is mostly Synth/Futurepop and Electronica, Covenant are no strangers to darkwave and EBM.Darkwave/Post-punk band "She Wants Revenge" Another newer darkwave band like Anders Manga.Trip-Hop/Gothic band "Switchblade Symphony" Another one of the successful genre-hoppers of the darkwave circle.This band has managed to create eerie Trip-hop numbers, like Witches and Sheep, as well as their punk/goth hybrid style with, for example, Bad Trash. Trip-Hop/Gothic band "Switchblade Symphony" Another one of the successful genre-hoppers of the darkwave circle.They know how to make avant-garde atmospheres as much as their synth pop and electronica.

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