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I'm not the man for the job." When Rogan jokingly accused him of not being man enough for the undefeated Rousey, Schaub said that it was the other way around.

"She's so successful that she's surrounded by people who worship her and go 'yes, yes that's a good idea,' but when I went 'I don't think that's a good idea,' now I'm a hater." Rogan stepped in to put an end to the conversation because Rousey wasn't there to fight her corner and Schaub has never been malicious to his ex but, when they were together, there probably wasn't a more dangerous couple in the world.

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Little did Ronda Rousey realize that when she grew up and called time on her judo career, that she’d end up transitioning to, and eventually dominating the world of MMA.

She’s essentially solely responsible for changing the way women’s fighting is perceived, how women’s MMA is promoted and the amount publicity the sport now gets.

The pair had a tumultuous marriage, which included alleged physical violence by Travis, which led to him being removed from UFC events.

Of course, UFC wouldn’t want people to recollect aspects of this domestic abuse case, but Ronda didn’t exactly behave like an angel when their marriage was on the rocks.

Not a lot of guys would’ve appreciated being challenged to a fight by a 14-year-old girl, so you can bet your bottom dollar plenty of guys took her up on her offer, and that plenty of guys ended up having to hand over their cash and slink away with their tails between their legs.

UFC doesn’t really want people to know their star athlete used to street fight for cash.

She’s not just a fan either, she’s an obsessed fan.

Those at the helm of UFC probably wouldn’t care she’s into Pokémon.

Back in her high school days, Ronda was already one of the best judokas around, and used her skills to get some extra cash.

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