Cynical about dating

To walk into a synagogue and be the only one there without a prayer shawl (the custom is that only married men wear them). Or we move to a community of other singles to hopefully increase our chances of meeting someone. Anything to feel like we are doing our part to get closer to finding that other person.

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We may feel like we can’t go on for one moment longer, but we owe it to ourselves to bounce back and give it another chance.

Because I promise you if you stick it out and remain positive, good things will happen. Chaim Lazarus is a native of Baltimore who also currently resides there.

Over the years Chaim has been extremely active in Jewish Communal life,including participation and leadership positions in NCSY, Hillel, the Jewish Collegiate Network, The Baltimore Chevra, and the Young Leadership Council (a program of the Associated Jewish Charities). With God's help, every single who is struggling and searching should find their bashert soon! I also like to think that even when things don't look too positive for a stretch, it can all change in one "single" moment, either by meeting that someone special or by something else great that can happen to us.

G-d willing, you should find your bashert soon in that one moment of destiny.

Your advice about staying positive applies to all...appreciate what you have, have goals (some for yourself, some with others) and remember God loves you.

You must be happy with yourself before you can be happy with others.

You lose the ability to have a vision of marriage or a family at all.

Everything looks bleak and your future looks like it is going nowhere.

For me through diet and exercise I have lost close to 15 pounds and I not only feel healthier, but I can take pride in what I have accomplished, instead of focusing on not having found someone yet. Realize that in the end of the day that God loves us, no matter what difficult time we are going through.

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