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If it is enabled, you won't have to provide a repository locator after the first checkout; CVS infers it from the information in the top-level files that can appear in sandboxes and user home directories.Unlike the filename patterns in other administrative files, these patterns are in sh syntax; they are not GNU Emacs-style regular expressions.Comment lines start with a hash mark (`Some of the administrative files contain filename patterns to match file and directory names.

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Developers can monitor this stream of notices to determine when they should pull the latest development code into their private sandboxes.

For example, consider a developer doing some preparatory work in his sandbox while he awaits stabilization and addition of another developer's new library.

Here is an example of a ) to read from the repository.

Version 1.10 doesn't support alternate directories for lock files and reports an error if this option is set.

If the checking program exits with a nonzero status, the commit is aborted.

The programs that run via this mechanism run on the server computer when a remote repository is used.

This section provides details on creating and configuring repositories and performing other CVS administrative tasks.

A single computer can run multiple copies of the CVS server, and each server can serve multiple repositories.

file allows you to give CVS default options for commands that work with files.

Lines in this file consist of a sh-style filename pattern followed by a -k (keyword substitution mode) option and/or an -m (update method) option.

For example, to treat all files ending in If this file exists, CVS inserts records of activity against the repository.

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