44 dating marriage - Creating cursors in sql and updating each line in cursor

We can give the cursor name instead of range limit in the FOR loop statement so that the loop will work from the first record of the cursor to the last record of the cursor.

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LOCAL Specifies that the scope of the cursor is local to the batch, stored procedure, or trigger in which the cursor was created. The cursor can be referenced by local cursor variables in the batch, stored procedure, or trigger, or a stored procedure parameter is used to pass the local cursor back to the calling batch, stored procedure, or trigger, which can assign the parameter to a cursor variable to reference the cursor after the stored procedure terminates.

The cursor is implicitly deallocated when the batch, stored procedure, or trigger terminates, unless the cursor was passed back in an parameter, the cursor is deallocated when the last variable referencing it is deallocated or goes out of scope.

While forward-only cursors do not support backward scrolling, applications can return to the beginning of the result set by closing and reopening the cursor. STATIC Specifies that the cursor always displays the result set as it was when the cursor was first opened, and makes a temporary copy of the data to be used by the cursor.

All requests to the cursor are answered from this temporary table in tempdb.

The cursor is only implicitly deallocated at disconnect. All insert, update, and delete statements made by the current user (or committed by other users) that affect rows in the result set are visible as the rows are fetched.

Because the cursor cannot be scrolled backward, however, changes made to rows in the database after the row was fetched are not visible through the cursor.

These attributes give more information about the cursor operations.

Below are the different cursor attributes and their usage.

Below are steps that involved in working with explicit cursors.

Both Implicit cursor and the explicit cursor has certain attributes that can be accessed.

A cursor holds the rows returned by the SQL statement.

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