Couchsurfing dating website Bitchcams

Here you can tell people if you're traveling or would like to host. If you’re ready to embark on an adventure, search for the city (or cities!) you plan to visit and browse locals with couches available.

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Don’t contact other members for dating, or use the site to find sexual partners.

We take reports of unwanted sexual advances, both online and offline, seriously and they may be considered violations of our Conduct policy.

You can set it to "No" if you’re not available or don’t have any extra space, or "Maybe/Yes" to show up in search results for travelers who are planning a trip to your area.

Don’t Spam: We value human interaction and want the content on our site and sent to our members to be personalized and valuable.

Our trust network needs everyone to stand by their reputation. Be Yourself: Misrepresenting yourself as someone else is prohibited.

This includes representation as an agent, representative, employee, or affiliate of Couchsurfing. Keep It Legal: Don’t engage in nor encourage illegal activity; don’t violate any applicable law or regulation. Do Use Couchsurfing Properly: Using Couchsurfing in a way that could interfere with other members from fully enjoying the site or that could impair the functioning of the site is prohibited.This includes behavior that causes excessive reports, flags, or blocks from other members.We may prohibit proactive outreach on communications that are flagged by Couchsurfing members or that we believe harm the experience for other Couchsurfers.While certain house rules are expected, if we believe that the conditions imposed on the surfer introduce risk, harms the experience of our members, or damages the reputation of Couchsurfing, we reserve the right to prohibit the requirement.Content that we believe, in our sole discretion, falls into any of the following categories is prohibited: 1.Glamorizing Violence: Incites violence or characterizes violence as acceptable, glamorous or desirable 6.

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