Chat to local sexy moms - Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax

I haven't used it, just saw it in their catalog. Phil Brewer aka tophatsax I've taken apart Buescher True-Tones & Aristocrats, a Conn Chu, & a Martin Handcraft.Probably the trickiest part is remembering what order you take things off -- some things need to be put back on before others.

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Best of luck (dont forget to use the big hammer and chisel) Dave Thanks I was afraid someone was going to say that.

I am pretty mechicinal so I don't think I'll have too much of a problem.

I went to see my repairer the other day and he reported on a 400 whcih he had recently worked on which had standard pads placed on top of the snaps.

The pads were bulging; goodness only knows how, or if, it played.

Following the advice of music medic it went back rather smoothly. There is a wealth of information and I thank all you guys.

btw - - My TT has missing snaps, snaps that somone bent to make fit and some pads that are glued. The ones that are snap-ons I leave alone if I can get replacement snaps, the others I'll make a note and use the standard metod of putting the pads in. It's quite amazing what people do to Bueschers and their snaps over the years.

Looks like I'll need to replace felts, springs and bumpers on it also.

blues guy Glad it's all apart, blues guy; the fun starts when you put it back together All the advice so far is sound, but can I add a few extra comments?

You will also have to measure the existing pads or the cups very carefully.

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