Consolidating yahoo email addresses

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Yes, you technically have to pay for some sort of domain or hosting, but these are the cheapest options, and you're required to get a domain for a business email anyway.

Therefore, let's take a look at the first option: If you're only interested in buying a domain and using it for your emails, we recommend jumping to the Zoho method.

The default Hotmail viewing pane does not display header information, but you can view the source after opening it in the viewer pane by click the “Actions” drop-down arrow and then selecting “View Message Source.” Hotmail will then open a new browser window or tab that displays all of the source code for the message.

Scroll down to the line in the source that starts with “In-Reply-To” or “References.” There you should see the email address that sent the message to the account that received the message before forwarding it to your Hotmail inbox.

Reasons to enter alternate email address information in Hotmail generally have to do with security or consolidating messages from one or more external accounts.

If you need to update alternate email address information in Hotmail, your account settings page contains the external addresses and enables you to make changes if needed.

Use the instructions below if you want to connect an account to your Outlook on the web (work or school) account in Office 365.

If you're using or, see Add your other email accounts to for instructions.

If you no longer have access to the alternate email address listed in your Windows Live account, recovering your Hotmail password will likely be considerably more difficult.

Like many other webmail clients, Hotmail allows you to forward messages from your account to other email addresses.

If you use another email address as your primary one, forwarding your Hotmail messages to it can help consolidate your emails and eliminate the need to log in to multiple sites to check all your mail.

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