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The impact of either refinancing or consolidating student loans will vary depending on whether you have private student loans or federal student loans. consolidation guide: When you refinance student loans, you are taking a loan from a private lender to repay existing student loan debt.

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Consolidation is the process of combining student loans into one loan.

It can be done through the Department of Education or with a private lender.

With a federal Direct Consolidation Loan, the assigned interest rate is a weighted average of the federal loans you are combining.

The rate isn’t based on your credit history, so it could be lower or higher than what you would be offered by a private lender.

If you’ve built a positive credit history, you may benefit by getting a lower interest rate, which will help reduce the cost of your loans.

Private lenders may also offer choices for how many years you take to repay the loan; you might select a shorter repayment period to save on total cost or a longer repayment period if you need lower monthly payments.refinance federal student loans, which makes life more convenient because you’ll have just one payment to make when you consolidate all existing debt.But this doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea to refinance federal student loans.You’ll use the money you borrowed to repay existing student loans you owe that you want to refinance.You can refinance private student loans, federal loans, or both.The new loan you take out should have different terms than the debt you paid back.

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