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Paradoxically, however, long-lasting democracies do not seem to be immune from a degradation in the quality of their democracy.Inspired by the recent rise of populist parties and candidates in some of the world’s oldest democracies, scholars have turned to studying the reasons for democratic rollback and deconsolidation.

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Under what circumstances has democracy been consolidated in Africa?

This trilogy of questions has become necessary in light of the current democratic wave engulfing Africa and the rest of the world.

For example, although there is no consensus on whether economic growth and prospects for democratization are positively linked, scholars generally agree that economic growth contributes to democratic consolidation.

Meanwhile, the role of civil society is as ambiguous in consolidation as it is in democratization.

What conditions motivate a transition to democracy?

Can the dynamics of a transition influence its outcome?

In examining the conditions that initiate democratic transitions, this book investigates the circumstances under which democracy movements have operated between 19.

It concludes that, contrary to dominant democratic theory, the transitions to democracy in Africa have occurred under declining levels of development.

Since countries have unique historical circumstances, specific countries will have to combine conditions in the model that are relevant to that society to consolidate its democracy.

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