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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

a government official tells you so), then you should answer “YES” to this question and note in the comment section how you discovered the data is in digital form.

Data is online if it can be accessed via the Internet (e.g. If the data has been emailed to you but is not accessible via the Internet, it is not considered to be available online.

Do not answer based on what may happen in the future (or the situation previously).

So, for example, if data will be online soon but is not online now the answer to the 'online' question should be ' No' (though please mention that it Data must come from an official resource either issued directly by the government or by a third party officially representing the government.

Please try to provide relevant evidence to back up responses.

For example, if data is public and online the URL field should not be empty, or, if the data is openly licensed there should be information (e.g.The city’s predicament is further exacerbated by its location, as Alexandria is surrounded on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea and backs up to a lake.Previously, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the possible rise of sea levels, from 0.28 to 0.98 meters by 2100, will have "serious implications for coastal cities, deltas and low-lying states." Egypt's Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation notes that while the sea level rose by an average of 1.8 millimeters annually until 1993, this figure increased to 2.1 millimeters annually during the next two decades, and since 2012 it has reached 3.2 millimeters annually which is "enough to threaten building foundations." Residents of the el-Max neighborhood, where hundreds were forced to abandon their homes after the flooding of 2015, also complained that the sea defences installed by the authorities to protect the area, which houses a number of industrial facilities including an oil refinery and a cement plant, are not very effective.The legendary city of Alexandria, founded millennia ago by Alexander the Great and home to many wonders of the ancient world, now faces a new and inexorable threat as steadily rising sea levels are set to leave many of its neighbourhoods and archaeological sites at risk of flooding.While local authorities move to construct concrete barriers at sea to stave off this danger, a powerful storm that ravaged the city in 2015 ended up "exposing weaknesses in the local infrastructure," as AP put it.When it is necessary for submitters to provide third party links, then they are put in the comments section.

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