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Of course, we will not force you to apply for Polish citizenship, but if you feel at home in Poland and decide to stay here for while you might want to acquire a Polish citizenship. By restoration of Polish citizenship Great that you can obtain your polish citizenship via four different ways, but how does it work and which way suits me best?

If you feel “polished” enough, let us help you to obtain this. We will stretch this for you in a plane and simple language so you can make the right decision, let’s get to the point.

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This will affect previous laws that didn’t automatically grant Swiss nationality to children born on Swiss soil.

It was the fifth time this issue was put the ballot box, the first being in 1983.

Foreigners typically qualify for Swiss citizenship after 12 years of residence or for permanent residence after 10 years, although there are shorter paths to becoming Swiss for those married to Swiss nationals, second generation child residents and certain people born in Switzerland.

Find out if you can apply for either Swiss citizenship or permanent residence, which option offers you the best benefits, and what you need for your Swiss citizenship application.

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If the President of the Republic of Poland really likes you or thinks you deserve Polish citizenship for whatever the reason is, the only thing you have to do is to submit a written request or make your legal representatives to do it if you are a minor. When you’re done, simply send the form to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or deliver it to the Consulate of Poland if you’re abroad and wait for the good news. If the polish citizenship is a bridge too far and you would like to obtain a polish residence permit we advise to visit the article that explains how to obtain polish residence permit.

As soon as the President signs the papers, the citizenship is acquired. The documents proving the loss of Polish citizenship.

A child adopted by a person that is a holder of Polish citizenship acquires it as well, but only if the adoption process has been completed before the child turned 16.

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