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A: He never misses confession but always takes his lawyer Q: Where is the first math problem mentioned in the bible?

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A: David, because he rocked Goliath to a very deep sleep Q: How do groups of angels greet each other? Q: Who was the greatest male financier in the Bible? He was floating his stock while everyone else was in liquidation.

A: The same reason they sing Hymns instead of Hers! A: You dial the number and it rings and rings but nobody answers Q.

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This activity will require parents or chaperones to be involved to assist with transportation.

Each participant makes one course of the meal or provides a form of entertainment.

Q: Why do they say 'Amen' at the end of a prayer instead of 'Awomen'? Q: Did you hear about the Dial-a-Prayer service they have for atheists now?

Why did Noah have to punish and discipline the chickens on the Ark? A: Yes, the Bible says that the disciples were all of one Accord.

Did you know it's a sin for a woman to make coffee?

The trouble with religion today is that a lot of people practice it, but not too many are good at it.

A: When God told Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply.

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