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Kasey, aged 29, (who also appeared on The Bachelorette) was booked in an Orange County jail. Kalon paired up with the all American equestrian (and super tan) Lindzi Cox on the Bachelor Pad.It seems that everyone’s favorite d-bag and the doe-eyed, innocent girl-next-door have more than a working relationship to win the ABC’s cash prize.Unfortunate for Reid, Jamie Otis chose to keep a drunken Ed around Bachelor Pad, probably for the entertainment value, so Reid’s plan failed.

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“How romantic,” coos Kalon, “Must be how you won Emily.” Ouch.

With that Chris hops out of bed to go confront Ed Swiderski, leaving Sarah looking a lot like Jamie last week. Chris Harrison crashes the after party, bringing surveys for the exhausted and drunk Bachelor Pad players to fill out.

While the resident good girl from Boring Gray Flannel Mc Gee's season seems to have found love with the baggage hating (unless its Louis Vuitton) bad guy, it makes me wonder, do opposites really attract? The very tan sweetheart Lindzi Cox has been seen canoodling with resident playboy bad guy Kalon Mc Mahon, but did they outlast the insanity of the Bachelor Pad's third season? Rachel Trueheart is devastated by Michael Stagliano‘s shocking exit on Bachelor Pad. Of course, on the other side of Bachelor Pad, Chris and Sarah Newlon are celebrating their good fortune. I wonder if she’ll ever realize they weren’t keeping her around because they like her, it’s because five-star crazy is fun to watch, and they know she’ll never win.

Chris Bukowski crawls into his top bunk and burrows under his covers. Chris reluctantly lets girl number three crawl into his bunk.

Rachel Trueheart is completely over Michael Stagliano's elimination. This hardcore "win to survive" edit combined with ABC showing previews of Rachel/Nick Peterson, Jaclyn/Ed, and Sarah Newlon/Chris preparing for the next challenge, lead me to believe Blakeley and Tony are most definitely going home broke losers. Chris Harrison pops in to remind us how dreamy his eyes are when he wears blue. Nick Peterson and Rachel are the only two contestants without partners, so they are forced to pair up.

Chris also comes with bad news for the people – one couple will not survive the morning in Bachelor Pad. Tony reminds us that he's making out with Blakeley on Bachelor Pad for his son. The craziness of the Bachelor Pad never fails to disappoint. Blakeley Jones, Jaclyn, and Ed Swiderski are upset that Chris Bukowski survived elimination last week, thanks to a bogus twist. Blakely Jones is so thrilled that her alliance had her back.

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Last week on Bachelor Pad, Lindzi Cox and Kalon Mc Mahon campaigned to survive the elimination and Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski strived to not be seen as a whore and an a**hole, respectively. people get to experience." His delusions of grandeur have no upper limit. Rachel continues to cry because her life has no purpose without Michael playing this game beside her. Blakeley Jones stresses just how much she and Tony Pieper need to win the next challenge. Like all other break ups between reality TV stars who have known each other for approximately 18 days, it’s nauseating. Chris explains: They will play the rest of the game as couples.

Even though Sarah Newlon just hooked up with Ed, she went with the plan.

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