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Themes include: -single father raising a boy into a man -journey from nothing into something -inspirational / motivational -cultural exploration -family ties and drama The Chinese movie Looking Up (2019) is extremely relatable for Chinese, both raised in the Western world and those raised in Asia. Expectations of parents, role of father figure, what it means to grow up and pursue our own dreams… Throughout the film, the director inspires, relates, and motivates the audience to become better a better Chinese, and shows the work in China towards making Chinese people better. Looking Up 2019 movie is probably the best movie of 2019.

A Tokyo-based dating service is trying to make it easier for shy Japanese singles to interact with the opposite sex by organizing masked speed dating effects where participants wear surgical masks to help them be more outgoing.

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But the people at Def Anniversary, a popular dating service in Tokyo, have come up with a new use for the humble accessory – they’ve turned into a tool for konkatsu (marriage hunting).

At their speed dating events, singles meet at various locations all over Japan, and spend a limited amount of time trying to learn as much about them as they can, but the catch is that everyone has to wear a surgical mask, so the focus is less on physical appearance and more on personality and character.

When the father returns, he tries his best to raise his son into a proper man, all while facing challenges of poverty, society expectations of gaokao, and a society that looks down upon them.

While the story includes themes prevalent in Chinese society (dealing with corruption, rapid increase in inflation and cost of goods, expectations of success from family), the story is centered on the personal growth and development of one boy into a man.

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Our job search section contains thousands of jobs for foreigners in China and is one of the country's largest websites for China jobs.He reflects back on his journey of how he got there.His family ostracized by neighbors for a crime they weren’t responsible for, betrayed by someone they trusted, bullied by local thugs, and a father who believed in him throughout which turned him into a man. Looking Up (2019 Chinese film) is a touching story about how a simple boy growing up can be influenced by society, adults, and father figures.Nina met 38-year-old lawyer at a ski resort and the two of them instantly hit it off.She remembers that the businessman seemed perfect in every way – he was attentive, courteous and calm, offered her flowers and picked her up from work.Our Career Advice section provides practical information about job hunting, job applications and the hiring processes in China.

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