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NET AJAX Extensions provide developers with a quick and simple way to add AJAX functionality into any ASP. In this article, Dan Wahlin demonstrates how to use the Update Panel control, which performs asynchronous postback operations that update a portion of a page rather than the entire page itself.

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The result from attempting to perform such an update may vary - from nothing to a server error that the update panel cannot be unregistered.

For more information on the latter see this KB article.

To avoid this, you must make sure such Rad Windows are not included in the partial page rendering at all, only the controls in their Content Templates should be.

Common causes are Update Panels with Update Mode set to Always that include the Rad Window, or Update Panels/Ajax Settings from user controls or master pages on a higher level and you should move the Rad Window out of them, or call its show() client-side method again when needed.

This article will demonstrate how you can add AJAX capabilities into a new or existing Website by using a new ASP.

NET AJAX server-side control called the Update Panel. NET, a web.config file will automatically be created that contains references to a Script handler as well as a Script Module module.the child controls are not in the same place in the generated HTML where they are in the ASPX markup.This may break the functionality of the update panels, as they use the inner HTML property to update their child controls, which have moved and are not available.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.FACS Executive Director, Child & Family, Simone Czech has written to ACWA in regard to the establishment of a panel of Independent Assessors to help caseworkers determine the best permanency option for a child or young person: To support permanency planning in all casework, we’ve established a new, expanded panel of Independent Assessors across NSW. However, if they choose to, your member organisations can also refer to the panel to inform their own work in assessing permanency options for children and young people.

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