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From there, the confusion ironically continues to build and becomes unfortunately frustrating as you try to filter friendships, romantic relationships, and beyond.To learn more about how to decode the human connection beginning with childhood, I consulted with experts Scott Carroll, MD; April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert and popular media resource; and child psychologist, parenting expert, author, speaker, and mother Dr. As Carroll tells Bustle via email, every relationship a person has, beginning at birth, is rooted in the attachment style learned from his or her parents.So, for you, the mom, if your husband has shown signs or has been diagnosed with a severe personality disorder, typically of the type mentioned, I suggest you be vigilant and aware.

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Here are 11 ways to explain how your relationship with your parents translates to your romantic life in adulthood."As we are loved by our parents, an internal 'script' is written for us.

This script directs us in terms of our understanding of what love is, how we receive it, how we express it, and most importantly, how we come to 'rest' into love.

Don’t react to their defiance and/or eventual provocations.

Do respond in the way that you have been and with further love and limits.

Pathogenic parenting is such that the parent’s approach is so aberrant that it creates in the child psychopathology, that can be transient, or, if not intervened, chronic and longstanding and develop into a personality disorder as well.

It has been clearly documented that parental alienation occurs in families in which one (sometimes both) parents have a personality disorder, typically that of the borderline and/or narcissistic types.Healthy parents don’t produce this sort of pattern. Craig Childress, Psychologist, and expert in PAS, children don’t turn away from parents unless there is a perpetrator lurking and a perpetrator to whom a child is afraid.Think about it-children don’t turn away from pathologic parenting; they are too afraid.When it comes to your relationship with your parents, the childhood inability to comprehend how the emotions and actions of your parents affect your own behavior is predictably inept.It's not until you reach adulthood that a person can formulate even a sheer understanding of the complexities of relationships, beginning with the connection between parent and child.Don’t accuse the other parent or refer to the other parent in that way: do take the high road.

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