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Read More After researching at length on the web, began e-mail dialogue with Castle. He must be one of their top sales folks, because he was the best we ever encountered.And I have been in purchasing for 25 years - so I was totally impressed.We pride ourselves on having the LOWEST PRICES anywhere along with the VERY BEST customer service.

Eddie was also very helpful in handling the finance portion.

Just a great, casual experience and an awesome deal to boot. Read More After being at a prior dealer who said I couldn't get what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay, Ryan and his group were able to put a deal together to get the car I wanted at the price I could afford.

Read More I enjoy the experience of working with Castle.

I was in need of a new vehicle and Castlewas the only dealership willing to work with me.


We strive to be the HIGHEST RATED dealer on Dealer Rater.

I was greeted outside by Joe Genna who could not have been more helpful and informative about the car.

I may not know that much about cars but my father was their with me and him and Joe Genna we're discussing valuable information not only about the car I purchased but many other of them that we're on the Castle Chevrolet lot.

You can always find a dealer who will give you a good price but you don't go back if the service department is poor.

Read More I did my homework, searched high and low, and found no better deal and no better dealership than Castle Chevrolet. Got me singing, ", hotdogs apple pie and Chevrolet! Read More My new (used) car I just bought from Castle Chevrolet is excellent.

Sales man answered all my questions said service looked over it, and it was excellent condition.

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