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Most of the characters besides Ranevsky regard him as repulsive and obnoxious. She is also the object of Yephikodov's affections, a status about which she is very confused.

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Simon Yephikodov - Yephikodov is a clerk at the Ranevsky estate.

He is a source of amusement for all the other workers and amusement for all the other workers, who refer to him as "Simple Simon".

Anya and Trofimov become so close that Varya fears they may become romantically involved.

Peter Trofimov - A student at the local university, he knows Ranevsky from tutoring her son Grisha before he died.

Varya - Varya is Ranevksy's adopted daughter, who is twenty-four years old.

She is in love with Lopakhin, but she doubts that he will ever propose to her.The cherry orchard plays a fundamental role as a symbol of changes in Russian society.The characters of the poem are not heroes of the poem.Her first name, "Lyuba," means "love" in Russian, and she seems to exemplify love with her generosity, kindness and physical beauty, and sexual nature; she is the only character in the play with a lover.But her feelings of love often cloud her judgment, and she is also unable to control her spending, a sign of her disconnection from her present status as an impoverished aristocrat.Charlotte is something of a clown, performing tricks for the amusement of the elite around her, such as Yasha, Ranevsky, and Yopakhin, while, at the same time, subtly mocking their pre-occupations.

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