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Chelsea is one of the least dramatic of all the stars, and for the most part, everything seems to go well for her thanks to her large support group of family and friends, but there are some things not known about the star. Although Chelsea’s dad Randy and occasionally her mom, Mary, make appearances on the show, the rest of her family has made it clear that they have no interest in the fame.

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This of course was after I was contacted by a member of her family to possibly jump start her career.

I worked really hard at the word GO and START on Sunday and trusted she would send the contract and payment as promised with no accord.

After Aubree's birth, Chelsea starts online school to finish her degree.

After earning her GED and enrolling in beauty school, Chelsea got a part-time job in a salon and later went on to cosmotology school to become a Beautician.

star Daniel Payne after photos of the two partying and hanging out were posted online after there was noticeable flirting via twitter.

Many were rooting for the relationship while the two maintained that “they were just friends,” and then someone pointed out that Daniel had a girlfriend in his hometown and many of his fans quickly turned on Chelsea for being a homewrecker.

Cole De Boer has now moved in with Chelsea and, even though he prefers not to be a main focus of the show, he appears sporadically in her storyline and even more so now that they are engaged!

Since he prefers to remain private, not much is known about him, but here is what we do know.

Some people assume that her new figure is a result of being with her equally hot boyfriend Cole De Boer (who incidentally also opted for Cross Fit training like Chelsea around the same time and is now showing off his big guns quite often).

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