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Skype allows members to block any undesirable communication.

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Your privacy is protected by not showing your address; we do not ask for your address details.

We can do this because Cheeky Monkey Dating is a free service to its users, and therefore complies with Google's terms for use of Google Maps on external websites.

Hailed as an attempt to bring online dating into the 21st century by David Thomas, the site owner, it promises a complete change to the online dating experience by allowing users to publish personal contact details and by incorporating new technologies such as syndication feeds and Skype buttons.

To encourage people to sign up to the service, Thomas is offering a 16-page online dating guide to service members for free, packed with hints and tips.

And feel free to be creative with your answer and how you choose to answer it either in video or in words., a new, free online dating site, has been launched.

Thomas is also the owner of, a site that offers free dating advice.

About David Thomas: David Thomas is a software engineer, web developer, publisher and author from Cardiff, Wales, UK.

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