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As the author of Web pages hosted by Payment Online, Customer takes full responsibility for their contents.

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Customer can enter Transactions received by mail, by telephone, by fax, or in person from Purchaser using the manual online data entry screen ("Virtual Terminal") provided by Payment Online Credit Card Processing.

If the Credit Card Transaction is approved by the Acquiring Bank or its agents, an on-screen notice of acceptance must be displayed.

Customer agrees that any Confidential Information received from Payment Online Credit Card Processing, shall not be used except as necessary to perform the obligations required under this Agreement, and shall be disclosed only to those of its employees as are necessary for the purposes hereunder, and shall not be disclosed to third parties without the written consent of the disclosing party during the term of this Agreement and four (4) years thereafter, and shall be kept in safe care as it would keep its own similar confidential information.

After four (4) years the Confidential Information of Customer will be destroyed, unless the Customer requests otherwise or government laws and regulations prohibit such action.

Please note that Customer cannot opt out of such service e-mails because these service e-mails provide information critical for the operation of Customer's Services.

Payment Online Credit Card Processing also reserves the right to communicate with Customer regarding existing service offering, future service offering, promotions, modification of account services, amendments to terms and conditions and Payment Online Credit Card Processing web site tools and services, ("Service and Account Communication") in the form of e-mail, direct mail or telephone contact (the latter during normal business hours of a.m.

The Customer Account Agreement, also sometimes referred to as Customer Agreement, is not part of this Agreement.

"Customer" is a client of Payment Online Credit Card Processing and has entered into Agreement with Payment Online Credit Card Processing and is a party to this Agreement and has in existence one or more separate Customer Account Agreement/s with an Acquiring Bank.

"Billing Month" shall mean each billing cycle, consisting of approximately 30 days and ending on the last Friday of each month, used by Payment Online Credit Card Processing to bill its Customers for Services.

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