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Either you’ve never heard of Microsoft Visio, or you use it all the time.

For those not in the know, Visio is a structured drawing application, originally acquired by Microsoft in 2000, that subsequently became part of the Office family of products.

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Try the "Free Visio Viewer (Mac, Windows, Linux)" add-on in Chrome, by Lucid Chart.

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Crossover handles Visio very well, unlike the many issues you may find with Wine.

Although Crossover is a commercial product and Visio as well, as far as alternative Visio like applications there are a few. I don't know if there is another way to open that kind of files. If you have access to Visio 2003 or higher, you could try to convert it to .

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See why thousands of adults from all around the world choose to chat here on FCN every day.Insert interactive diagrams and dynamic wireframes directly into your presentations.Lucidchart makes it easy to visually present all your ideas within the slides, and eliminate the need to copy and paste static images from from other tools.In addition, there is no version of Visio for Mac OS X, so Mac users are locked out of the platform.Visio is a great application, and if you have access to it, you probably don’t need any alternatives.Outputs from your work can then be embedded directly into Power Point to share with others.

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