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Our flagship product and the one that launched it all way back in 2006, the Shadow Trader Squawk Box is a professional grade live audio and video broadcast offering traders of all skill levels the tools and guidance necessary to trade the markets effectively.

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Once open, log in with your thinkorswim username and password and select Chat Rooms from the main drop down menu. It will either say “from unknown” or “from Shadow2”. The script each morning is current and comes preloaded with the correct value area and pivot numbers. The next day, Brad will give out another script code with new numbers already plugged in.

Select Shadow Trader from the list and listen and trade wherever you may be! With a chart open, click on the small box in the upper right and switch from single chart view to a matrix view of four charts: 2. Starting from the upper left and working clockwise, put the following symbols into the charts: $VOLD, $ADD, $TICK, /ESz5 3. Now click on the small box in the upper right again (like you did in Step 1) and select “Save Grid As…”. Inside of every issue, scroll down to section called 1. Just click on it and it will save the script into your platform. We recommend deleting the older scripts from your list on the left so that it doesn’t get cluttered. If you want to customize what your value area looks like or what levels are shown and how, simply click on the little gear to the far right in the study as shown below: This will bring up the box below in which you can customize which levels to show, how you want them labeled (if at all), colors of the different lines, putting VPOC’s on your chart, and more. IMPORTANT If you like to use your /ES chart to check out stocks or other instruments besides futures during the course of the day, you MUST do the following step or you will end up with a chart that looks like this when you type in a symbol….

In the chart settings box, click on the second tab which is “Price Axis”.

In this box, make sure scale is set to “Auto” in upper left and in the choices below, UNcheck the “Fit Studies” box. When you go back to the chart you should now be able to look at whatever symbols you want and go back to the futures chart and your value area and pivots will only appear on the futures and not on any other symbols.

If you want to add a “zero line” to any of the internals charts, select the “Price Level” drawing tool from the bottom left of the charts and click at zero on those charts. In the pop up box that appears, name your quad whatever you like and click save. If not already following Shadow Trader Pro Swing Trader, click follow. Get the share link to the script from Brad in the Shadow Trader Squawk Box between and am EST. What’s happening is that the script code for the /ES is trying to overlay onto a symbol that is a completely different price.

You can then right click on the line and choose “Edit Properties” to get it perfectly on zero. The quad setup will now be saved in a list of saved layouts there in that upper right box if you ever need it. Find My Trade by clicking on the Tools tab on your thinkorswim platform, or use a web browser to visit If using the browser, log in with your thinkorswim username and password. The /ES is near 2,000 and IBM in this example is less than 0, so the price gets totally scrunched down at the bottom of the screen while the chart is showing you pivot levels for the /ES up near the top. Open the chart settings box by clicking the little gear in the toolbar of your /ES chart.

#01/04/13: Fixed a rare bug that hides labels if using tick charts.

#01/28/13: Added ability to hide each individual level.

While most squawks and chatrooms simply regurgitate news, Shadow Trader uses its proprietary method of market internals combined with market profile to predict the market’s moves and profit from them all day long.

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