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* Ah Isabel, what shal I say to thy fortunes or my follies 1 what exordium shall I vse to shewe my penance, or discouer my sorrowes, or expresse my present ioyes? Well, Lacy, look with care unto thy And I will haste to Oxford to the friar, [charge, That he by art and thou by secret gifts Mayst make me lord of merry Fressiugfield. Ecce qiiam bonum et qaam jucundum habitare libros in nnum ! Baco D, we hear that long we have suspect, That thou art read in magic's mystery ; In pyromancy, to divine by flames ; To tell, by hydromatic, ebbs and tides ; By aeromancy to discover doubts. Bacon, Well, Master Burden, what of all this 1 Miles. Which shall unfold strange doubts and aphorisms, And read a lecture in philosophy ; And, by the help of devils and ghastly fiends, Thou mean'st, ere many years or days be past, To compass England with a wall of brass. For I tell thee I conceiue as great pleasure to see thee well as griefe in that I haue wronged thee with my absence. Marry, eveiy time that Ned sighs for the Keeper's daughter, I'll tie a bell about him : and so within three or four days I will send word to his father Harry, that his son, and my master Ned, is become Love's morris-dance[r]. Lacy, God send your honour your heart's desire.* [Exeunt. Bacon, Now, masters of our academic state, That rule in Oxford, viceroys in your place, Whose heads contain maps of the liberal arts, Spending your time iu depth of leam M skill, Why flock you thus to Bacon's secret cell, A friar newly stall'd in Brazen-nose ? Marry, sir, ho doth but fulfil, by rob earsiug * ^our hcari'i desire] Qy. of these names, the fable of the Fox and the Grapes; that which is above us pertains nothing to us.

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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Bacon, I laugh to see the jolly friar Jlounted upon the devil, and how the earl Flees with hia bonny lass for fear.t As soon as Bungay is at Brazen-nose, And I have chatted with the merry friar, I will in post hie me to Fressingfield, And quite these wrongs on Lacy ere 't be long. So be it, my lord : but let us to our dinner; For ere we have taken our repast awhile.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

" Within fiue dales hee arriued at Caerbrancke ; where, assoone as he was lighted, he went to the house where his wife soioximed, and one of the maides espying Francesco, yet knewe him for all his long absence, and ranne in and tolde it to Isabel that her husband was at the doore. What of this, master 1 why, he doth speak mystically ; for he knows, if your skill fail to make a brazen head, yet Mother Waters' strong ale will fit his turn to make him have a copper nose. Bacon, we come not grieving at thy skill, But joying that our acaddmy yields A man suppos'd the wonder of the world ; For if thy cunning work these miracles, England and Europe shall admire thy fame. That if ten Caesars liv'd and reign'd in Rome, With all the legions Europe doth contain, They should not touch a grass of English ground : The work that Ninus rear'd at Babylon, The brazen walls fram'd by Semiramis, Carv'd out like to the portal of the sun.

She being at worke in her chamber, sat at this newes as one in an extasie, vntill Francesco came vp ; who at the first sight of his wife, considering the excellencie of her beautie, her vertues, chastitie, and other perfections, and measuring her constancie with his disloyaltie, stoode as a man metamorphosed : at last he began thus. Nay, England, and tho court of Henry says, Thou'rt making of a brazen head by art. And Oxford shall in characters of brass, And statues, such as were built up in Home, Eternize Friar Bacon for his art. Shall not be such as rings the English strand From Dover to the market-place of Rye.

Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. • gueul Frequently used for ffu/tatt by onxt eaily writers : so Ohomborlayno ; " The empty tables stood, for never (^v«m Camo there, except the bankrupts whom distress Spurr'd on," i LC—Pharonnid Ot 1C59, B. But, Peg, disclose not that thou art in love, And show as yet no sign of love to him, Although thou well wouldst wish him for thy love : Keep that to thee till time doth serve thy turn. And such poor fare as woodmen can afford, Butter and cheese, cream and fat venison.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. To show the grief wherein thy heart doth bum, — Come, Joan and Thomas, shall we to the fair 1 — You, Beccles man, will not forsake us now ?

Might sighes, Isabel, teares, plaints, or any such exteriour passions pourtray out my inward repentance, I would shewe thee the anatomie of a most distressed man ; but amongst many sorrowing thoughts there is such a confusion that superfluitie of griefes stops the source of my discontent To figure out my follies or the extremitie of my fancies, were but to manifest the bad course of my life, and to rub the scarre by setting out mine owne scathe ; and therefore let it suffice, I repent heartelie, I sorrowe deeplie, and meane to amend and continue in the same constantlie.' At this Francesco stoode and wept ; which Isabel seeing, conceiued by his outward griefes his secret passions, and therefore taking him about the necke, wetting his cheekes with the teares that fell from her eyes, she made him this womanlie and wise answere. Ent Gr Friar Bacon, and Miles teith hooka under hu arm; Burden, Mason, and Clement. Miles, where are you 1 Miles, Hie aum, doctmime et rcvercndiuime doctor.

* What, Francesco, comest thou home ful of woes, or seekest thou at thy retume to make me weepe 1 Hast thou been long absent, and now bringest thou me a treatise of discontent ? Send letters speedily to Oxford of the Ralph, And, Sirrah Lacy, buy me a thousand thousand million of fine bells.

I see thou art penitent, and therefore I like not to heare what follies are past.

It sufficeth for Isabel that hencefoorth thou wilt loue Isabel, and vpon ^hat condition, without any more wordes, welcome to Isabel.' With that she smiled and wept, and in doing both together sealed vp all her contrarie passions in a kisse." So end the adventures of Francesco and Isabel. Lacy, I will, my lord, so execute this charge As if that Lacy were in love with her.

By this meanes his want was releeued, his credit in his hosts house recouered, his apparell in greater brauerie then it was, and his purse well lined with crownes.*' Infida, hearing of this change in his fortimes, " thought to cast foorth her lure to reclaime him, though by her vnkindnesse he was proued haggard ; for she thought that Francesco was such a tame foole that he would be brought to strike at any stale. Amongst the rest that censured of her curious fauours, there was one Signer Bernardo, a bourgomaster of the citie ; who chauncing on a time to passe by the doore where Isabel soioumed, seeing so sweete a saint, began to fall enamoured of so faire an obiect ; and although he was olde, yet the fire of lust crept into his eyes and so inflamed his heart that with a disordinate desire he began to affect her : but the renowme of her chastitie was such that it almost quatted those sparkes that heated him on to such lawlesse affection. * roves a how, &c.] "To rove a how heyond hit reach is equivalent to the proverbial phrase of shooting with a long bow: the bow is too long for the stretch of his arms." — Editor of Dods Uy'f Old Plays.

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