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However, they may be more likely to hone in on issues more quickly, using whatever intuitive skills they have.

In addition, you would be charged $92 ($100 - (($10 - ($10/30 * 6)))) immediately.

If you are moving from a lower-priced plan to a higher-priced plan, you are charged as follows: For example: You subscribe to the Basic plan ($10/month) on June 1st and upgrade to the Pro ($30/month) plan on June 15th, with your next billing date being July 1st.

You can choose to upgrade your plan, or you can wait until some users leave the chat to allow new users to join.

If your chat reaches the bandwidth limit for file sharing (e.g.) 10 GB on the free plan, users will no longer be able to share files on your chat. You can choose to upgrade to the next plan to get additional bandwidth, or wait until the next month for the bandwidth used to reset.

Minnit features extensive customization, and the ability to embed your chat on your website or blog. This means that changing your background, theme, staff ban time, etc doesn't require anyone to refresh to see the changes. Note: If your chat frequently goes over 50% of your allowed users per your plan, and you're on a discounted plan, you will forfeit your access to the discount If you are embedding your chat onto a personal website (light use), or you are a valid non-profit organization, you may be entitled to a 50% discount. Set up your Minnit Chat, test out the features, and see if Minnit Chat is right for you, and which features you will need.

Get Started Here are some of the details we focus on to ensure a great experience: Minnit was built using HTML5 and is supported on all major browsers. And, if you ever have questions or need assistance, you're able to contact our Support Team -- we're always happy to help.

Peace of Mind If you're tired of wracking your brain on an issue, let a psychic tell you exactly what is going on so you can move past it.

Boost user engagement on your website by talking to your visitors, or create a chat to discuss a topic. Changes to chat settings happen in real time for users on your chat. Upgrade your Bot to Premium and it can automatically moderate your chat, respond to triggers and much more!

Availability There's usually always someone ready to hear from you.

(wait times vary) New clients receive 25% OFF normal rate charge Quick Insight Psychic advisors, in some ways are similar to counselors.

No payment information is required to get the free trial.

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