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I’m taking Stewart/Bella’s point of view here because that’s basically how the story works.

But things aren’t easy for Pattinson/Edward, either.

That is, unless Pattinson’s Edward Cullen decides to bite Stewart’s Bella Swan’s neck and drain all her blood. Photo: Summit Entertainment Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and a few others back for is supposed to open on June 30 – which happens to be ten weeks away? The author of the piece – there’s no byline – claims that “multiple sources have confirmed to me” that the sequences to be reshot are those showing Edward and Bella in the meadow (a great-looking scene; why would they have to reshoot that?

The Chinese Theatre is right next to where the Oscars are held each year.

They’ve been hosting Hollywood premieres since the late 1920s.

Whether the foam would be the result of erotic desire, religious terror, or a mixture of both no one can tell.

But what’s known is that such a scene would never have made the film’s final cut.

On June 24-25, Hollywood Blvd between Highland Ave.

& Orange Dr will be closed, specifically for @Twilight Saga: #Eclipse premiere.” Cof C is the local Chamber of Commerce.Schedule issues may have been a concern simply because Robert Pattinson has been busy working on throughout Europe.He’s been in London and Budapest, where he was besieged by numerous highly enthusiastic fans.According to that tale, the ) might then be called in as replacements.Shortly after that rumor began, it was officially explained that the work to be done in Vancouver had been planned a long while ago, that shooting would be very minor – “pickups” – and that Slade was definitely going to be behind the camera handling Pattinson, Stewart, and whoever else is needed.True, the lips aren’t quite touching in the photo above, but they’re pretty close.

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