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For me the only place where I feel like I belong is with my three Muslim sisters who are my best friends, my confidantes and my biggest allies – this is despite having been born and educated in supposedly multicultural and tolerant Britain.

I can talk to my sisters about arranged marriage without them thinking it’s archaic and oppressive.

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But the roots of such terminology are a bit disturbing; it was postulated that the natives of the Caucasus exhibited the idealized physical appearance so the Caucasus were believed to be the birthplace of mankind.

The logic behind this idea — the assumption that Whites exhibit the best physical appearance — is implicitly racist.

Moments like these wake you up from feeling like part of the gang.

You realise that you were never in the members’ circle.

Feeling marginalised does not of course justify acts of terrorism.

However, what I do understand, is the desperate search to find a place where you belong – the human desire to be listened to and valued is incredibly strong.Additionally, we now know our species first appeared in Africa, so the biology isn’t any good either.The connotations of the term Caucasian along with the geographical absurdity of using that term to describe all Europeans or Whites are the two main reasons we should abandon the term.With political parties like Ukip and the BNP banging on the door, spouting vile diatribes about the evils of immigration, it’s little wonder that we don’t want to answer the call to integrate.Many Muslim women even feel apprehensive about revealing their personal identity, which means the onus is on others to make them feel welcomed and included so that they can feel comfortable enough to share.So when my personal space is about to be encroached on, I choose to retreat before attack, which isn't doing me any favours.

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