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She also took part in the film Full Frontal, and Simone alongside Al Pacino.

Catherine Ann Keener is an American actress known for her roles in Being Joh Malkovich, Capote and New York. She never took a date or a wing woman to any parties.

In 2007, Dermot filed a divorce from his wife stating irreconcilable differences as the reason. In the next year, she introduced her next boyfriend to the public, Benicio Del Toro. Keener is very concerned about what she lets the public know about her.

There were no known romantic affair or long term arguments that ended the 17 year relationship.

Dermot also does not talk a lot about the separation, his life with Keener and the relationship with her after the separation.

Director Rebecca Miller said that Keener is "very good at playing disgruntled", a designation about which Keener explained, "Anger is not a bad thing"; she finds comfort in playing roles of this nature because "It doesn't go hand in hand with the mode of behaviour that's ladylike or proper or dignified." Nate Williams of Coming deemed Keener "one of the most interesting performers in the game" as of 2019 due to her willingness "to embrace different roles", describing her as "A dramatic actor with no problem playing strange characters".

Keener gravitates towards roles in independent films, and opts for smaller character roles on rare occasions when she agrees to appear in larger studio ventures, which Entertainment Weekly critic Missy Schwartz believes "she inhabits more comfortably than flashier ones." Schwartz wrote that directors such as Neil La Bute (Your Friends & Neighbors, 1998) and Steven Soderbergh (Full Frontal, 2002) have consistently "put her unusual beauty and trademark dry wit to good use." In 2010, Inside Jersey contributor Stephen Whitty observed that, throughout a decade of interviewing the actress, Keener had always been open to commenting about her collaborators, both directors and co-stars, but often refused to be interviewed about herself, considering her a shy person who values her privacy.Keener starred in the six-episode HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero, based on the 1999 nonfiction book of the same name by Lisa Belkin.often portraying desolate, bittersweet women "who come across as empty or unfulfilled in their relationships or their creative endeavors", effortlessly earning sympathy from audiences in both protagonistic and antagonistic roles.When asked about her dating life, she said that one can move faster only when alone. She exchanged the separation papers with her husband, without any lawyers.They talked about the custody, separation of assets, payments and other details with each other and got out of the marriage.Keener's sister, Elizabeth Keener, is also an actress and a real estate agent working for Sotheby's in Los Angeles. Cricket Sideris in the television series Ohara about an Asian-American detective. Her first film appearance was one line in About Last Night... Although she struggled professionally over the next few years, one low-quality project had an unexpected dividend: Keener met her future husband, actor Dermot Mulroney in 1987 while working on Survival Quest (1989), after Mulroney became stuck while attempting to scale a cliff.

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