Catchy emails for online dating

According to statistics, email click-to-open rates have been constantly growing since the end of 2013 and now exceed 14 percent.

There are two major factors that contribute to this growth: a) mobile device usage, and b) optimized messages.

It can lead to slow downloading on certain wireless networks.

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This doesn’t include the fact that just more than 30% of all messages you send may be opened.

Email marketing is still one of the most cost efficient methods for engaging an audience.

Experts believe you should put the call to action within the first paragraph of your email.

It can be designed in a way that will keep the reader interested in the rest of the message.

It costs very little to maintain and is one of the few you can do in vast quantities almost instantly.

Can you image if you could increase your response rate from these averages?

Certain words can trigger the spam filter, which can cause your emails to be lost forever.

The site has a list of 118 words you shouldn’t use to avoid these kinds of traps.

Did you know that click-through rates from emails are approximately 3.42%?

That means one out of every 34 people who read your email will actually interact with it.

This increases the chance the recipient will simply click the delete button.

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