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After your i485 gets denied, I am assuming you can file MTR and wait for it. it is not high but it is not slim either for those on EAD / H1. H1 is in complete mess if you talk to any immi lawyer (I have a friend who is lawyer and I heard the same from a lawyer on desi radio). ...buying 2 - 3 houses to put it on rent is absolute nightmare .friend tried that too (he too believed earlier that land is best asset) ...

More senior members may throw light but I am guessing you would have 2-3 months time to leave the country. the renter stopped paying rent and he had trouble in evicting him .top of it the renter painted the rooms in wierd colors do you chechk how many people are staying in the house that you give on rent .is messy all way around .you really believe in land then better to buy some REITS (that is in mess too right now).

But the ex-couple has a very long history, and this is far from their first public confrontation.

Nicki Minaj is re-releasing her sophomore album as Pink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up this fall, and if her latest single is an indication of what's left to come, it seems that the YMCMB rapper has finally found a bit of balance between her hip-hop roots and her pop persona. Prior to the song's debut, Nicki would only hint that the guest feature was "real pretty," but looks aside, the Bad Boy artist is a good fit for the refrain — "The boys always spending all their money on love." The details of the 26-year-old's relationship with Diddy aren't exactly clear, but they both shared pictures from her recent birthday party where the mogul splurged on her with a party and plenty of luxe gifts.

"The Boys" premiered on Thursday (September 13) and while the radio-ready beat is certainly pop, Minaj also gets back to spitting bars, including a few lines that made us laugh out loud, like her reference to "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" villain Stevie J in the voice of his controversial main squeeze Joseline Hernandez ("Did you ever really love me, Stebie? According to Minaj, her upcoming re-release will include, "no less than five, no more than eight" new songs and it will be issued as a second disc to the existing album.

She confirmed that a video for the single will be filmed, and it's sure to be a colorful one.

credit is tight and will be for a long long time .boomers will start selling their homes once prices stop falling is massive and less demand .. I am not one hundred percent sure of what he will do but I do remember him talking about increasing EB GCs early on in his presidency bid.

"Improve Our Immigration System Obama and Biden believe we must fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers cannot fill.

Yesterday, two of my faves released a new single called “The Boys”.

The song is pretty much both girls talkin’ ish about ‘Boys’ trying to find love by impressing girls through their phony, materialistic lifestyle.

Good thing for us the staring salaries would be at higher rate than present rates. I used one here: Mortgage Calculator - ( Loan Amount: 600K (Note much less than million dollars) Period: 30 years fixed Interest Rate: 5% (On the lower side using historical averages) Monthly Payment: 3220.93 Total Interest Paid across 30 years: 559,534.71 In general the thumb rule is across 30 years you will always pay interest which is approx equal to the principal you signed up for. Yes its not clear cut but lets replace your X, Y and others with numbers Suppose your rent is 1500$ a month You pay 540,000 $ in 30 years so your point 1 - the interest payment is always going to be less than rent if you look over the 30 year term of mortgage since there is no way to pay 540,000 dollars in interest in 30 years looking at the amortization table unless you are buying a million dollar plus house.

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