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If you're having difficulties finding that special someone in the Netherlands, why leave love up to chance?Find someone you'll click with in Amsterdam, Rotterdam or anyplace in between.After almost two months of Japanese comfort I must say that modern Europe must be quite shockingly backwards to Japanese people.

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While we small talked with many Japanese people, we naturally clicked with other gaijin on a deeper level. Apart from voicing a rooted fascination for Japan, after many years of everyday life in Tokyo, gaijin experiences seem to mirror a sort of reversed Paris syndrome.

With two gorgeous red heads, Yuko from Tokyo and Andrew from Australia living and working in Tokyo. Paris syndrome is actually a medical term to describe various states of disillusionment – most common to Japanese people, who have visited Paris and whose expectations created by Japanese media clash with reality.

To illustrate the dilemma, here is an excerpt of a Japanese-English phrase book, the food section: ‘) conversations last night: On working in Japan – many do complain about their job, the work around the clock attitude, strict rules to follow, little room for self-expression, no possibility to criticize established work procedures, lack of taking personal responsibility for projects which take long due to work as a group ethic.

On dating in Japan (disclaimer first: this is just what I picked up so far from gaijin singles and mixed couples, therefore not the almighty rule) – I learned that dating moves slower than in Western societies, cultural differences and misunderstandings can be an obstacle (to overcome), such as kissing and hand holding being viewed as an expression of romantic intent or a way to determine compatibility by the Westerner – misinterpreted by the Japanese as a sign of sole physical interest, sort of tedious high school kids dating style, not showing feelings in public, shyness of Japanese individuals, dolled up girls, increased fakeness factor, little spontaneity and passion in relationships, lack of deep conversation, more immaturity and childish behaviour.

This may lead many to believe that Paris is heaven, the lush garden of love and pristine beauty.

Sadly, not all French girls are fashion models, the food is mostly European average fare, service sucks when compared to Japanese waiter-excellence and the idealised Parisian city picture is disturbed by street beggars, crime and trash.

Japanese people nurture an idealized image of Paris, stigmatized as the city of romance around here.

French writing on clothes and accessories, French phrases and products (made in Japan) and beautifully photoshopped pictures of Paris are a popular sight in Tokyo.

If you like, dig deeper into Japan’s erotic culture here.

But hey, what would Japan be without its pink Lolis!

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