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The registration process is simple, completely voluntary, and now available to current Las Vegas residents. Several weeks later, a Patrol officer comes to your door and informs you of a recent burglary in your neighborhood.

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The Patrol Officer has used the database for this program in their patrol car, and has gone to your residence for follow-up.

The Patrol officer asks you if it would be possible for you to review your video for a suspicious person or vehicle between the listed times of the event.

This is only one example of how this program would work.

There are endless opportunities with this program to make a difference in our community.

There are a wide variety of different chats on the net and we have brought them all together on this site.

You can choose from the following list of different chats that are available on a Free Chat: The best part about free chat is the wide variety of random people that you will meet while using the site.

Or if you have discovered something yourself, you could contact the LVMPD to have a Police Officer come out to your property.

Together, you and the officer would work hand in hand into solving crime in your area.

Note: For “Hold to Talk” to function you will have to enable it on your initial use. Only the individuals who have signed into the associated Kasa account can.

Q: Why can't I hear the sound of the camera when clicking the “Hold to Talk” button on the camera? It can't send and receive voice for instant calls at the same time. All video streams and activities associated your Kasa Cam are private and can only be viewed by those signed into the Kasa Account.

Pick a chat from the list above and see what we are all about!

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