chapter 4 what about carboin dating - Cam illigal sex

It is in this regard that seduction is the moral equivalent of rape because they both deny the dignity and freedom of the individual.

Targets of investigations frequentlv report being "screwed" by the agent after their arrest.

Agents sometimes refer to the agency they work for as their "mistress." For some agents the excitement of undercover has a sexual parallel.

Our sense of freedom, autonomy and well-being depend partly on our ability to control information about the self and on our being able to voluntarily enter into relationships with others free from both coercion and deception.

Undercover work exploits the cognitive and behavioral aspects of intimate relations by using them for purposes beyond the relationship itself.

Undercover activities, with their secret watching and audio and video recordings, have a voyeuristic quality.

Terminology such as "deep penetration" and "access" have multiple referents.

They flourish to the extent that individuals feel free to express themselves without suspiciousness or fear of others ulterior motives.

In a larger sense, intimate relations can also have instrumental or functional consequences in positively linking the individual to others.

These in turn are more troubling than type 2 "prostitution" (sexual but-not psychological intimacy), although there are ethical objections to this as well.

I will firstconsider the Type 2 situation, where there is no psychological intimacy but there is implied or actual sexual intimacy.

(2) What are the ways that sex is used in undercover investigations? There is a natural congruence between covert means and sex more generally and sex and undercover activities show parallels. Those not directly involved are unlikely to know the details.

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