Bruce willis and cybill shepherd dating

You can hail a boat coming down the Chaou Praya River in Bangkok and buy a sack of fresh litchi nuts from the farmer (although I never did develop the local enthusiasm for one fruit whose name translates into “tastes like heaven, smells like hell”).

What I didn’t love about the location was my dressing room: a bus with the seats taken out and furniture that rolled around as if on casters.

Bruce willis and cybill shepherd dating

It would have been funny to see Martha and me in one, right?

But she's taller than me, and I wouldn't want to face her in a dark street. It's just like the years went past and I haven't done it.

What I loved best about Thailand was the food: savory soups for breakfast, midmorning snacks of cashews freshly roasted over fires, sticky rice with mangoes that look green but are lusciously ripe.

There are a hundred different fruits never seen outside the country, and the familiar ones are as abundant as apples.

Because I'm from Memphis, and I've had the fame thing, too, so maybe I could have been a good friend and helped him. I mean, I'm not getting any invitations to be on her show or anything!

TV Guide: You played Martha Stewart in two over-the-top TV-movies. But remember those claymation Celebrity Deathmatch fights?

If the water isn’t restored, I’m leaving for someplace where I know the plumbing works, like Southern California.” The next day, in the predawn light, something that looked like a cement truck rumbled into the parking lot and disappeared behind the building.

There were noises of plumbing and pipe fitting, and I had a trickly but wet shower.

[Pause] Unless I had my German shepherd with me — then I'd take on Martha! I think I will do something, but I'm afraid of what I'll look like.

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