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What's worse, I think, is that I attributed its use to Bannon, rather than (Senator Jeff) Sessions, which was a mistake.

"I apologise to all those who were offended by my use of the word.

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It is the latest of a string of racially-charged incidents that have emerged since the billionaire won the US presidential election.

Former journalist Kaiser appeared on the show with Paris Dennard, a black Trump supporter, who thanked Baldwin for objecting to the racist insult. "Charles Kaiser, I respect you and enjoy having you as a guest, not OK.

The couple officially got married in the year and is now celebrating their eight years of happily married life together.

It is also said that the couple dated for a very long time before the couple got engaged.

Sources claim that the couple was going through severe fertility problems and gave up having the child.

But her supportive and loving husband Jay always did support her during their hard times.

Today, here we will be talking about her successful marital life. She rarely shares and answers when asked about her personal life.

It's really quite frustrating for her fans as they rarely know about her personal life even how hard they try.

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