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Jordana was a former member of the band Cobra Starship. They first met at a party in New York in the year 2011.

Benjy and Elisa are currently in a live-in relationship and hope to get married soon.

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Benjy, after establishing his career goals, started dating again and this time, was seen as boyfriend to Jamie Hilfiger , the American socialite model and fashion icon.

Jamie is niece to the legendary designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Benjy has had a successful career as a comedy writer but hasn’t featured in any movies so far.

However, sources claim that Benjy and some of his colleagues from the show are currently working in a movie project which is under production and set to release at the end of 2016.

Benjy Bronk is a comedian and stand up artist popular for his political jokes and banter.

Benjy is also popular for having his way with women.

Benjy dated Hilfiger for a short while and withdrew from their involvement rather too early.

Benjy has said that “Jamie’s lifestyle overshot mine by miles; It was just not meant to be”.

Every individual possesses some flaws, but the majority doesn’t try changing those habits unless something unpleasant happens.

Let’s take Benjy Bronk for instance who has reportedly been arriving on time to the office after being ousted from the studio last October.

Benjy, over the years ,has been linked to a number of other celebs.

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