Brody dating audrina

Justin launched his own hair care and styling products called BRUSH by Justin Bobby Brescia in 2012.

He is currently the vocalist, guitarist, and percussionist for the Austin, Texas based band Bobbyroc K.

In 2017, Heidi and Spencer became proud parents to miracle baby Gunner Pratt, now two.

The couple have their own podcast called ' Make Speidi Famous Again' and regularly post updates on their Instagram stories.

In 2009, Brody starred in his own reality show, Bromance, which saw men compete to become part of his entourage.

This was followed by American talk show ' Sex With Brody' which saw him discuss various topics related to sex and relationships.

Audrina was Heidi and Lauren's neighbour during the first series, before later moving in with Lauren and Lo Bosworth.

Her on/off romance with show badboy Justin Brescia, who her friends nicknamed ' Justin Bobby', was a regular storyline on the show.Stephanie joined The Hills as a supporting cast member in 2007.She later befriended Spencer's arch enemy, Lauren Conrad, which lead to a rift with her brother and Heidi.Brody, whose dad is Olympic champion Caitlyn Jenner, began dating The Hills main cast member Lauren Conrad in 2007 and joined the show as a series regular.He was friends with Spencer Pratt until the show villain cut ties with him due to his relationship with Lauren.During the show, Heidi hit headlines all over the world when she booked in to have 10 cosmetic procedures in less than 24 hours.

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