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I somewhat generously bought us both a £5 falafel king. She declined the offer, I can’t remember exactly why. Clearly feeling like I’d made a mistake I thought let’s try something a bit more neutral.There is a place called Warleigh Weir where you can swim in a ‘waterfall’ near Bath. However the night before I got a text to say she was ill and wouldn’t be able to make it.She would text back but there was little substance.

‘Is meeting someone online, the same as meeting someone in real life?

’If you missed Part One it will help - Roberts09/tinder-pof-bumble-14-months-of-online-dating-what-happnd-dff549681367#.7vc45e9eb Apologies for the length of Part Two, I really tried to cut it down but it would have ruined the story.

Oops.5c) Was probably the tip of the iceberg, in terms of despair. However I experienced the now familiar surprise at the girl who greeted me. That works both ways — I wouldn’t claim to be tall, dark and handsome when I’m 5 foot 10 and alright looking.

I had extended my range on Tinder to cast the net a bit wider. I was intrigued to see if the girls matched the location. She was a writer and worked in a gluten free restaurant. That aside we did have a delightful stroll round Bath and got on quite well. She asked to see the sort of girls I was matching with on Tinder. Taking great delight in displaying some of the girls she had matched with.

Okay, again I’m cheating because it involved three individuals. Unfortunately Instagram had been used heavily and who I met was a complete visual stranger. When I suggested for us to go to a second venue she remarked ‘I’m not feeling too great, maybe we can do something another time’.

My lack of interest may have shown and it felt like she had similar disappointment seeing me. Another time was not on the horizon.5b) I went against my instincts and planned a dinner date.

Date 2 we mixed it up with a run around the docks in the late evening sun. Date 3 was a last minute decision as we both had a free evening.

We went for a drink at the Harbourside and then went on the hunt for food. We did have a kiss but it wasn’t hugely pleasant due to the mutual overdose of hummus and tahini. We were both out on Friday night so I suggested we do something chilled on the Saturday evening. I guess what is now termed the ‘Netflix and chill’ routine.

I chose Pizza Express, utilising a 2 for 1 voucher.

She was foreign and we’d only exchanged a few messages on Tinder.

This may have been the case but my gut told me this wasn’t the full story.

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