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However, the twist comes when even though the gun was purchased by Jason Connor, it's registered to Susan Coyle.When they come to question her, Susan and Brian have suddenly disappeared, telling a neighbor they were leaving for Pennsylvania in order to hold Shannon's funeral. After Brian's DNA is not a match to the fetus's, Warner realizes there must be one other option and it's that the fetus has a double grandparent, meaning that the Shannon and the father must share a parent: Jason Connor.Regretfully, Cragen tells her they must inform Aidan in order to solve Jason's murder.

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Shannon and Lisa went for coffee and parted ways at .

Shannon took a cab instead of the subway as usual due to the cold weather.

Since Steve had a meeting that evening, the three hung out and Shannon and her boyfriend had sex. The mystery boyfriend ends up being one of the friends the detectives interviewed, Aidan Connor.

At the precinct, Aidan is made an official suspect, but after Warner delivers the news that not only was Shannon 8 weeks pregnant (with a girl), but she and the baby's father had to have been related due to 62% of the DNA being the same, so Aidan is cut loose.

What's unexpected is that Shannnon appeared to have had sex before she had died.

While there is no sign of genital trauma, there is the possibility her killer knocked her unconscious before raping her.The most disturbing is what's found in Shannon's purse: a key that doesn't match the lock at home and condoms with a 10-point fingerprint matching one in pre-employment files from the Board of Education that belongs to Steve Abruzzo.Using the key to unlock Steve's apartment, Benson and Stabler open the door to see a Willian Theodore Prep backpack and hear a girl moaning.Benson and Stabler learn that Shannon's father, Barry Coyle, is overseas on a business trip, so they interview Shannon's mother and brother, Susan and Brian.They deny knowledge of anyone bothering Shannon or her being involved with someone.Jason Connor is more sympathetic, having spent time with Barry and met Shannon.

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