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It’s too easy to lose perspective of what is normal behavior in each age and stage of development. We do need to expect social skills after we’ve trained our kids to those standards.

We often overestimate their ability to have self-control, to stay focused on a task and to handle social situations well. But we shouldn’t be surprised when they fail at those things — making mistakes is part of how our kids’ brains develop.

Every member can pitch in and help run a household to the level of his or her ability.

And while we want our children to enjoy their childhood and revel in that carefree state, we also feel that one of the greatest gifts we can instill in them is a strong work ethic.

We also recommend that the parent present at the time of the infraction should handle the correction. She will begin accepting the reality that she isn’t God, that Mom and Dad are bigger than she is, and that unacceptable behavior is costly.

Over time, your child will develop a healthy fear of consequences.

We asked some friends from the Focus on the Family broadcast for advice on communicating and enforcing expectations with children.

Here is their advice: When I was growing up, my parents developed a set of principles for life in our family, along with the consequences for violating those principles.But children misbehave for other reasons, too: Their parents may not have expressed their expectations clearly enough — or they’ve fallen into a pattern of inconsistent enforcement of those expectations.Children thrive if parents can have clear expectations for behavior and enforce those standards consistently.My dad put it all in writing, framed the document and hung it on the wall as a reminder.I’m sure I didn’t take the family “constitution” as seriously as my father did, but over time I came to appreciate the usefulness of defining a set of clear values for family life.It takes repetition, gentle correcting and practice before children can succeed.

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