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The star is quite busy 365 days in his movies and music field, but he figures out some ways with which he gets to enjoy his free time with his loved once.Here is the family detail of Bow Wow: • Father – Alfonso Moss • Mother – Teresa Caldwell • Sister – Erica Caldwell • Daughter – Shai Moss So this was all that you wanted to know about favorite superstar rapper Lil Bow Wow, his net worth is low now, but this young talent will manage to take it very high very soon.

The star, real name Shad Gregory Moss, added: “My lifestyle is not normal.

Shad Gregory Moss or his screen name Bow Wow is an America-based actor, rapper, and television host.

As most of the singers and musicians are, this rapper also likes to have a lavish lifestyle and has bought several expensive cars for him. Though he is not having a huge net worth, still he doesn’t hesitate on spending money for his own lavishness.

He bought 5 very expensive supercars named as below: 1. We can say that he is like most of the musicians that love lavishness.

he owns his own clothing line which is named as Shago.

So one can say that he has a lot of sources from which he earns a good amount of money and thus fulfils all his wishes.

Lil Bow Wow is married but separated from his former partner Erica Mena.

He loves going for vacations with his family and friends and loves having every kind of fun with them.

He released his first album Beware of Dog when he was at the age of 13.

Then he released several new albums and featured in several songs. His mother had an early thought he would become a musician someday because he used to learn rhymes at a very young age.

(All Hip Hop News) Bow Wow claims his career is preventing him from settling down.

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