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According to Borat, a Kazakh man gets a wife by buying a woman from her father for fifteen gallons of insecticide.Vassilenko disputes this, too: “The men propose marriage with engagement rings.” There is an old tradition—“maybe a hundred years ago,” Vassilenko said—of men kidnapping their brides, but he claims that the practice is virtually obsolete.“Kazakhs were traditional nomads, so there are various sports like horse races.

Brüno interviews "PR guru" Paul Wilmot and visits New York for fashion week.

Interviewee: Former head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service James Ziglar Borat learns about American hobbies by visiting a self-defense expert, a yoga teacher, and a New Age dance class. Ali G leads a roundtable "diskushen" about animal rights. Ali G leads a roundtable "diskushen" about medical ethics.

The first season took place in the UK and aired on Channel 4 from 30 March 2000, to , while the second and third seasons took place in the US and aired on HBO from 21 February 2003, to 22 August 2004, and are known as Ali G in da USAiii in countries the original season aired in. Three spin-off films: Ali G Indahouse, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan and Brüno have also been released. Borat visits a spiritual healer and an exercise instructor. Interviewee: Former presidential economics adviser Dr. Ali G gets some grammar tips from 60 Minutes pundit Andy Rooney.

The show was a critical success and received a number of awards and nominations. Ali G attempts to interest investors (including Donald Trump) in his ice cream glove. Ali G interviews a special agent of the DEA about drugs. Ali G interviews Ralph Nader, and attends an anti-nuclear protest.

But the real Kazakhstan has long embraced its thriving Jewish community, according to the National Conference on Soviet Jewry, and earlier this month the country dedicated the largest synagogue in Central Asia.

“The President of the country came down, as well as the chief rabbi of Israel,” Vassilenko said.(That may be because the crime is more likely to go unreported.)So what the national sport of Kazakhstan?“The most known ones are wrestling and all kinds of sports that try people in how they master horses,” Vassilenko said.Like Ali G, Borat is played by Sacha Baron Cohen, a British comedian who specializes in prank interviews.As Borat, Cohen has told a dating service that he is looking for a girl with “plow experience,” persuaded a meeting of Oklahoma City officials to observe a ten-minute silence in memory of the (fictitious) Tishnik Massacre, and, most notably, led a country-and-Western bar in a sing-along of “In My Country There Is Problem,” whose chorus goes: “Throw the Jew down the well / So my country can be free / You must grab him by his horns / Then we have a big party.”It was partly Borat’s casual but relentless anti-Semitism that led Vassilenko to object publicly, in a letter to , a Washington weekly.American and Kazakh women both got the vote, Vassilenko pointed out, on August 26, 1920.

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