Bookworm dating site

Do give a bit of thought to your user name (and consider whether it would make you identifiable or searchable). Busty Blonde XXX will obviously give a certain impression.

Perhaps a character you identify with from a favourite book? There are certain phrases that you'll see in about 50% of profiles, and after a while they make people glaze over.

If they've barely put anything on their profile at all, it may be an indication that they're not totally committed to the process.

Do pay attention to what they say they're looking for, and assume they're being honest.

Plenty of others in the online dating pool have kids too; not everyone sees it as a negative by any means (and, unless you're just up for some no-strings fun, what's the point in hooking up with someone who's going to run a mile when they realise you have children? Some people see giving honest info about kids as a way of filtering out unsuitables: "Older men will be less bothered about kids as they may already have some, or be more realistic about partners having histories." Others recommend saving the info for the first date: "Save the info for further down the line (eg on the date itself); it's too easy for people to dismiss single mums on the basis of young children via a profile." Whatever you decide, if you do include mention of your children in your profile, never, EVER give out any identifying information about them until you're sure the person you're speaking to is completely trustworthy.

"Online dating is just a way to meet people, it's not Ocado." If they've put any thought into their profile, you should be able to get a feel for what they're like from there.

But do put photos up: profiles with photos get a lot more interest.

And put up a few: dressed up, dressed down, indoors, outdoors, formal, relaxed. You don't have to be amazing looking to present well: have a nice photo taken, wear fashionable clothes etc.

If they say they're after a young, free and single supermodel, you should probably move along (unless that's a description of you, in which case - get in! It's fine to have a couple of non-negotiables, but be ruthless with yourself: if he's ideal in every other way, how much do you really care if he's a bit shorter/taller or older/younger than you'd ideally like?

Lots of Mumsnet users report that men tend to be better looking in real life than they are in their profile photos - hurray! And giving the finger is a massive no-no." "Ditto for the pics of the massive fish you caught and are showing off proudly although it totally obscures your face." You've identified someone you like: do you take the lead, or hang back?

"I thought my profile was great, but looking back I can see where I was going wrong.

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