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At the start, it (very) quickly glances over some other thought experiments which involve conflicts of rationality and morality (5 people tied to one train track, 1 person tied to parallel track, train coming down track with 5 people, but you have a switch that will change the track the train goes down to the one with only 1 person on, do you flip the switch? They're well known to anyone who's familiar with utilitarianism, but anyone who's not covered them before will probably be left confused as to how the movie concludes immediately after asking the question that the switch flippers are murderers and offering no explanation as to why.

But it's at least getting people warmed up for actively participating in the thought experiment rather than just being passive observers.

However, when James and Jack are standing at the desk, it is clearly seen in the background that Kavi is actually standing fourth in line (right behind Beatrice, who's third), and later when Kavi is standing at the desk, it can be seen that Vivian and Chips are standing behind him in line; even though the sequence order makes it seem like Kavi came at the desk *after* Vivian and Chips did.

See more » Gamelan Written by Wolfgang Frisch, Michael Holzgruber, Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Schloegl Performed by Sofa Surfers [© Universal Music - MGB Songs on behalf of Ed.

The writer isn't trying to write a thought provoking script, he's trying to write a 'feel good' story that ignores reality and is completely unrelated to anything previously discussed in the movie.

I believe the writer was trying to convey something along the lines of rationality and logic not being the gold standard when it comes to morality, but he failed in showing anyone why this might be.

Monoscope Audio (ASCAP) Courtesy of Arge Monoscope Audio] See more » The concept of this movie seemed promising; a philosophical thought experiment where you must decide who should live and who should die, all presented in a way that was both entertaining and involving for the audience.

In the end though, I came away feeling that the script had been written by two people: the first 2 thirds were written by someone who did a crash course in philosophy and had only a vague understanding of the ideas they were trying to explore, and the final third was written by someone who manages to pull off the challenge of being unbelievably self-righteous despite their IQ of 70.right auditioned for the role of Ginny Weasley because her brother said she reminded him of the character.Bonnie has also starred in two television movies: 2002’s Stranded and 2004’s Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures playing the younger version of Agatha Christie.They completely ignore every concept of right and wrong the film has previously been exploring.The writer goes off on their own tangent with their view of what's 'good', which doesn't seem too bad at first, except it appears to be written by someone who has never actually stopped to consider why they judge something as 'good'.Bonnie has an older brother named Lewis, who influenced her to audition for the role of Ginny.

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