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While helping a man to cross the road, he made a joke about the Nordic nations' liberal approach to sex.

"I once had a girl say that it made sense to her why I’d be gay.

She felt that because I was blind, I’d also be gender blind." Obviously, this is not the way it works. If seeing or not seeing determined our sexual orientation, it would be as astounding as if our height or hair color did.

"It seemed that this cane was very, very loud," Anne, a New York City psychologist told me.

The fear of not being attractive "made it hard for me to come out as a visually impaired person."But with no central vision in the right eye, no depth perception and almost no vision in the lower part of her visual field, as well as many blind spots, all due to glaucoma that worsened over the course of her 30s, not using her cane was putting her in danger.

"I'm not a puppy," Darren said with justifiable emotion.

"And do you know the most messed up part about the whole thing?

So when a date said, "Oh you don't need to use the cane!

" with some alarm, she realized that in fact she did, and that anyone who couldn't accept that was not worth dating.

Anne's current partner of nearly seven years is an artist, and besides all the usual attractions, he enjoys describing the visible world for her.

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