Blind dating actori

And, I found out he had his own oldies band and loved singing and dancing. That dance instructor was the most patient man on Earth, trying to teach me simple dance moves that I could not master. I heard crew members sighing and saying, “we’re almost out of time,” as they asked the instructor to show me the same move over and over again.

”(I don’t remember what he said.) And I don't recall the segue to my saying, "You're asking me to have sex with you?!

" The show chose to use that amazing sound bite and clip in TV promos to advertise the episode. Every time the TV came on, no matter where I was, I’d scramble to shut it off. I don’t know.” This provided yet another great promo clip for “Blind Date” commercials, and I believe the thought bubble above my head said something like, "Natalia's mom: 'Just say no, Natalia.'" I peeked at Mr.

The thing I remember most is the magnitude of margaritas Mr. Of two pitchers, he had about one-and-a-half himself.

I think one of my “racy” questions was, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?

The process of getting on the show was a bit complex.

First, you’d go into a nondescript building on Sunset Blvd. On my day, they were looking for women and we’d wait around a conference table as someone brought our Polaroids into casting.

Then, they’d come out to announce who made it to the next round.

Over half the people were “disqualified.” The next step was filling out a questionnaire that reminded me of the SATs — 101 questions about dating (what you like to do, what you don’t), what advice your parents would give you when you went out on dates, what kind of person you’re looking for, etc.

We arrived at a Mexican restaurant and were told to quickly change into our nice clothes in the bathroom.

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