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Before I get into some of the brow-wrinkling comments I read in response, let me express my feelings about the complex segments of the question posed. Now although she wrote "", normally when people think of interracial relationships, they automatically assume Black/White; forgetting that this damn planet is made up of a freaking conglomerate of races.

Now, this is a very interesting question that can be broken down into several parts and analyzed.

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You will receive an answer via an in-game mail (B) after the next maintenance.

If the NPC accepts your confession, you will become their lover and earn a special in-game title with a distinct color.Whether you succeed or not is calculated based on the ratio “How much Amity you have with that NPC”/”The total Amity of all the adventurers who confessed to that NPC the same week.” The higher your Amity is with the NPC, the better your chances.If accepted, your relationship and temporary title only lasts for a week and the NPC may choose another player once the week is over if their amity is higher.This collection of essays by fifteen scholars of history and literature establishes black women's places in intellectual history by engaging the work of writers, educators, activists, religious leaders, and social reformers in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean. Jones, Natasha Lightfoot, Sherie Randolph, Barbara D. Dedicated to recovering the contributions of thinkers marginalized by both their race and their gender, these essays uncover the work of unconventional intellectuals, both formally educated and self-taught, and explore the broad community of ideas in which their work participated. Savage, Jon Sensbach, Maboula Soumahoro, and Cheryl Wall. You will find out after the maintenance and the “love” lasts only a week unless you maintain the highest amity again next week. When amity of the NPC reaches 1,000, the option to “Confess” your feelings will become available.

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